New fabric for the kitchen

This is the new fabric I chose for the kitchen. Remember my husband could not stand the other fabric I chose? He absolutely hated it and I called it my happy fabric! Oh well, time to start over. I found this new fabric with much softer colors that we both like.

new fabric 2

I found this fabric at Jo-Anns’s on sale for 50% off and then got 25% off at checkout! Now that’s a deal I like!


There are still pumpkins on the table but I am determined to finish making the window panels before I start decorating for Christmas.

new fabric

I’m thinking that I may actually like the new softer fabric better!

cafe curtain

Here’s the link to the post about café curtains in the kitchen. I can’t believer that I have to start making curtains all over again, these colorful ones just needed to be hemmed.


We woke up to this scene this morning, making it seem so cozy and warm in the house with the fireplace warming us as we had morning coffee. It felt like the perfect day to decorate for Christmas, but not til I get these curtains done!

Are you finished decorating? What have you done so far?


Thank you to all who commented with kind words and wishes on the passing of my father. It’s hard to think he won’t be calling me to take him to the store or on errands but I am so thankful his suffering is over.


Thanks for visiting! Debra (((xx)))

7 thoughts on “New fabric for the kitchen

  1. You are a saint for caring what your hubby thinks about kitchen curtains. =D Now I really liked your happy fabric, but this second fabric is so beautiful. I hope that you’ll both be very happy with the new panels.

    No, I am not finished with decorating, though the tree is up. I just told him that I supposed I should do something with it now that it’s up. Do you think I have to?

    Happy sewing! (I’m sure that there’ll be another snowy day to decorate by. We’re missing out on this event as it’s all slipping south of us. I love when that happens.)

  2. Snow! It’s so pretty and I love your new fabric. Hope your heart is feeling better after your father’s passing.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  3. No snow here yet, Debbie, but I did put the fireplace on this morning anyway. : ) Oh no ~ I feel your pain at having to start over on your curtains. I do like the new fabric, too. So get going! Then you can start your Christmas decorating!

  4. Well, I LOVE that fabric, Debbie. It is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see it all done up. We have a trace of snow here and I am almost done decorating the house.

    I am sure the season will be bittersweet for you this first year without your Dad. After going through it myself there are those times when something so simple as hanging an ornament brings tears to your eyes as you remember previous years. xo Diana

  5. Hey Vee, my hubby really hated that fabric so I caved in and got another fabric with softer colors. I want to keep him as happy to be in the kitchen as possible….he makes my coffee for me every morning. LOL
    Finish up that tree and post lots of pictures!

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