Project update, What I’ve been working on

The upper cabinet project continues but I’ve taken it just about as far as I am willing to do as a DIY project. The doors are being ordered online and I’ll share that link later. A carpenter is coming to look at the job and give me an estimate for trimming it all out and adding trim on the opposite wall to make it look built in. Something like this,


On the wall opposite the sink in my kitchen there’s the refrigerator, microwave, a row of deep shelves where I store cookbooks etc. and a pantry with bifold doors. I really want to get rid of those doors. I posted about this before with a little glimpse of what I’m trying to achieve.

Meanwhile, I started a new project, which I thought would be quick and easy.


Boy was I wrong!

oak table base

This is the base of 25 year old oak table. I’m showing it to you so you can see how light the finish was. I really wanted the top of the table to be darker and the base painted.


These are the leaves propped up so you can see how dark they are now compared to the base.

dark stain oak

Here’s the table top after a full day of sanding off my mess! I used a product that was stain and poly in one and totally screwed up, all because I didn’t read the directions. I thought you used it like any other stain and left it on the surface to make the wood darker. It got all gunky and sticky like gum when I tried to wipe it off! UGH! So I scraped and sanded and sanded some more until I thought I got it all off. It took all day! The next morning I thought I was good to go and start all over with a different stain, this time it was just stain, but I ended up sanding more of the mess off. I think I got it now.

dark stain oak2

I just have to get some fine sand paper and go over it a little. Phew, what a project!

chalk paint table base

Here’s the table base after a coat of CeCe Caldwell chalk paint in Seattle Mist, a light taupe color.

upper cabinets

This is a shot of the upper cabinets painted. The lower cabinets will get painted with the same paint, Advance from Benjamin Moore. This paint is a latex paint that acts like an oil based paint. It went on very smooth and is self leveling so there are virtually no brush marks,


Young House Love wrote a great post about this paint, they used it their kitchen too.

So that’s it. Now I’m looking for fabric and not having much luck. I actually had fabric that I thought I was going to you but it’s just not doing it for me anymore! smile_sad Got a good fabric source to share?


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5 thoughts on “Project update, What I’ve been working on

  1. That little table is going to be worth all the work when you are done with it-it is darling.

    I can’t wait to see your cabinet/kitchen all done- I’ll bet you can’t either. Just a suggestion, if your cabinets are that close to the ceiling you might want to consider taking the molding all the way to the ceiling. We had a small space like that in one of our kitchens. It was a dusty mess…and cooking grease and odor would get up in there and seem to hang there. Just my experience- xo Diana

  2. Your pop-up ads are driving me crazy. I read approximately 50 blogs a day, so don’t have time to deal with superfluous annoyances like this. In fact, you’re is the only blog I read that have these. I’m unsubscribing.

  3. If you are reading on an iphone, I definitely agree and have recently removed some ads…..other than that I don’t know what ads are popping up, can you tell me? Because I will remove them. I appreciate my subscribers and am sorry if you choose to unsubscribe.

  4. So sorry for the troubles because they are just plain aggravating. Your kitchen is going to look so fine when you
    are finished. I was just reading about Benjamin Moore paint at Catherine Holman’s where she is redoing her kitchen cabinets as well. I may have to switch!

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