Repurposing a Dresser into a TV stand

Those humongous black box tvs are gone or at least on their way out, but what do we do with the flat screen if we don’t want to hang it above the fireplace? Since I only have one fireplace, I want to be able to enjoy that mantle and decorate it for the seasons so I definitely don’t want to hang a tv there.

In the process of redecorating the family room we got rid of the huge tv/media armoire. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, I was just tired of it’s largeness in the room and with a flat screen you don’t really need something like that. The room seemed to get instantly larger after we removed the behemoth thing.


I’ve been pinning pictures of buffets and dressers that were repurposed to hold flat screens, so I decided to swap out the armoire for a dresser from a yardsale that I was using in my sewing room. Good idea, the armoire is great for fabric storage.

tv stand

It’s pretty easy to repurpose a dresser, just take out the drawers, but you could take it further than that if you have more components to house.


I removed the doors on this china cabinet bottom to hold the tv in the basement.

Source: via Bungalow on Pinterest





This dresser from East Coast2 has drawers removed and a little restyling and it looks great holding a tv!


Here’s another example with drawers removed. I love the longer dressers because you can use the tv as part of a vignette on the top.

Remember those metal tv stands….I’m glad they’re gone. A piece of real furniture looks so much better! My pinterest board has more furniture examples for plenty of inspiration. What do you have your flat screen on?


The family room is finished at last and I’ll be posting it on Wednesday, so come on back and take a look.  Be right back


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3 thoughts on “Repurposing a Dresser into a TV stand

  1. Oh I have agonized about the tv for years. When the flat screen came along at Christmastime…lovely daughter I have…I thought my troubles were over…just mount it on the wall. But, nooooo, then one has gazillion cords running down the wall and who needs that? I didn’t think that I could ask to have an outlet installed up high. So we have ours sitting on a former nightstand, which is perfect really. Now that I’ve learned that I can remove a drawer…it may be getting more perfect, though that drawer comes in handy for storage. Lovely examples of your points, Debbie.

  2. We’ve partially done something similar in our living room too. My grandmother had a china cabinet with the hutch over top that we removed the glass doors from and put our tv in. My husband built a more sturdy shelf inside the hutch part over the tv to hold the components and we painted the inside black so all the electronics blend into the background. Now I just have to decide on a paint color for the outside 🙂 Thanks for the examples!

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