Friday feature, For the Love of a House

Transplanted from Dallas to a small New England town that doesn’t even have a traffic light, Joan has turned an old farmhouse into a stunning home.  In her blog, For the Love of a House, she shares her story of their journey of turning a once unloved antique farmhouse into their home.  It’s a gorgeous home and I won’t add much, just take it all the many details.

EntryI 058

150 year old stair treads greet you in the entry.

living room

I love the traditional style layered with antiques, collections and accessories.

pillows living room


kitchen 2

This kitchen is amazing with beadboard, old floors and marble counter tops.


Isn’t this gorgeous? Picture coffee in front of the fire on a cold New England morning,…..

dining room

An antique French dough bowl filled with vintage Japanese fishing floats adds a pop of color to the dining room.

 wasp nest

A wasp’s nest in an urn. You’ll see lots of organic elements throughout the home.

reading room

I love the all the layered accessories. Everything looks like it’s been collected over time.

master bedroom 2  

The aproned tub was original to the house.

master bedroom

Soft colors, beautiful, collected furnishings, accessories and organic elements make the master bedroom a very restful space.


In the master bath, the vintage flame-mahogany buffet-turned-vanity was found for $75!

From Joan, My design credo has always been that there shouldn’t be any place in your rooms that isn’t beautiful to look at. It can and should be functional yes, but it should also always be pretty.

The combination of collected antiques, collections, layered accessories, organic elements and  traditional style make this home look so inviting and comfortable. There is so much more at For the Love of a House. You better get comfortable with a cup of coffee because when you visit, you will be there for a while!



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6 thoughts on “Friday feature, For the Love of a House

  1. Wonderful home and the colors are so muted that it evokes a sense of tranquility. I also note that there are no curtains in the living room. Oh, meals by the fire on cool days…there are plenty of those in New England.

  2. Debbie-What a gorgeous, gorgeous home she has. That is quite a move ! I think I need to go look up her blog now- Thanks- xo Diana

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