Trying to create Upper Cabinets in the kitchen

Creating upper cabinets is my current project. I fell in love with the look of upper cabinets and wanted to try and recreate the look in my own kitchen. The keyword here is TRY, as this is a total DIY project done by me, mostly.


Upper cabinets will provide me with some much needed storage space for rarely used pieces. I really love the built in microwave too.

Source: via Bungalow on Pinterest


What’s not to love about this gorge kitchen? From the planked ceiling and beautiful floor to the chandelier and those swoon worthy cabinets, it’s yummy! Silvery tones, soft blues and white sure do complement each other beautifully.

Source: via Bungalow on Pinterest


Even though these upper cabinets don’t have glass doors, I still love this look, especially in this very rich looking kitchen. But, eek, there’s no room for fake vines! Confused smile


I would never have attempted a project like this without my handy nail gun from Lowe’s. It makes a project so much easier!  This model From Campbell Hausfeld is very affordable.


Here we go…


Here’s the first cabinet I put together. It’s not quite square but Bill said that’s an easy fix.


My second attempt was much better. Smile This cabinet was square.

upper cabinet3

Getting there! Just keepin it real so excuse the mess.

upper cabinet2

A lot of wood filler and sanding and they will be good, I think.

upper cabinet


We had to get a new fridge, she’s a beauty!

kitchen wall refrigerator - Copy

On this side of the room, I’d like to add molding and try to create a custom built in look.

kitchen trim

Something like this but with different pantry doors and the look of a built in microwave. Can you see my vision?

For beautiful kitchen inspirations check out my Pinterest board.

I’ll be working on this all week and then start to think about how to put together the doors. That’s the scary part. If I can’t figure it out I might have them made.

Can you recommend a good creamy white for kitchen cabinets? I’ll be looking for paint soon.


So that’s my latest project, but I move so slowly doing stuff like this and the weather getting so hot and humid might slow me down even more. The chairs for the family room are ready to be picked up from the slipcover angel and that room is ready for accessories! Finally. We added some new pieces to the patio so come back on Wednesday for that.


Thanks for visiting! Debbie (((xx)))

6 thoughts on “Trying to create Upper Cabinets in the kitchen

  1. You are brave, Debbie! Are you going to do glass in your doors? Me, I show a picture to my hubby and say, “Can you building this?”. : ) As far as paint, we just did our laundry room in a creamy white that matches the cabinetry in that room. It is the Ace paint, Clark & Kensington{?} in White Linen.

  2. Wow! You are so brave to tackle this one all by yourself. I can tell that you know what you’re doing! Yup, call me officially impressed.

  3. I am extremely impressed that you are trying this all by yourself. After seeing the projects you’ve done in the past, I have no doubt it will be beautiful when you are finished.

  4. Debbie- WOW! You are doing a great job. I am an old DIYer but I don’t think I would attempt to build kitchen cabinets. I bow down to you!! If you go to a small cabinet guy (if you can find one that does it on the side) they will charge you about $25 per door to make them.

    I have used Benjamin Moore’s White Dove for years for my woodwork/cabinets. It is a creamy white without being “yellow” or “greyed”. Good luck and WONDERFUL WORK… xo Diana

  5. Debbie,
    I don’t have a blog but have followed your’s for quite awhile – your projects are so inspiring to me. I hope to tackle some of these things when I retire in 5 years. For now I dream and prepare my wish book. Thanks for all the great inspiration and Good Luck with your project. I know it will be beautiful!

  6. Just found your blog. Love it.
    I can’t wait to see the cabinets finished.

    Following through Linky Followers.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

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