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This beautiful wreath is part of the outdoor decorations at Country Cupboard in Lewisburg PA. I had the opportunity to stop there again this year, it’s one of my favorite places to view decorated Christmas trees. You’ll find tons of inspiration and amazing displays that will have you ohhhhing and ahhhhhing!


This white tree greets you as you enter. I’ve always wanted a white tree and this one done up in red and green was delightful.


Do you remember shiny aluminum trees? My grandmother always had hers in the front window with a rotating color wheel on the floor that made it appear different colors.




Notice the old fashioned feather tree in the background. This was such a pretty vignette. I love the bottle brush trees.



Mia had fun pretending to eat a giant sized ice cream cone ornament. She said she matched the tree!


She really wanted to pick up baby Jesus.




bubbles2011_11_27_3050Bubble lights!

They also sell clothes and have a bakery, green house and a restaurant. I could spend hours just looking around.


You’ve heard of Southern Comfort, well now there’s Northern Comfort!2011_11_27_30412011_11_27_3045

I haven’t started my own decorating yet, but I am working on a few small projects. It won’t really seem like Christmas for me until the weather gets colder.

Are you done decorating? I think I better get with it! White Christmas is my theme this year.



Debbie (((xx)))

4 thoughts on “Inspiration, Christmas Trees

  1. The trees are beautiful, Debbie! Great for inspiration. With all they have there it seems like you could spend a lot of time {and money!} walking around and looking at everything. I'm just about done with my decorating. I'm still playing around with some things that I'm not thrilled with {like the mantel}.

  2. Beautiful, inspiring trees! We have an old fashioned, bit of everything tree, which I love too. We are done our decorating, and working on our baking. The light blanket of snow outside this morning helps with the ambiance =)

  3. Love those trees! We have a Christmas Store here where I live and I NEED to go get some inspiration! Thanks for inspiring me this morning!

  4. Debbie, popped back in to let you know that you won my giveaway! Yay, you! : ) I just need your mailing address and I'll get it packed up and shipped out.

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