The Christmas flower

Do you buy a poinsettia at Christmas? I do and its usually a deep dark red color, but this year I wanted a white one.

Fortunately, if dark red isn’t for you, there are lots of softer colors to choose from.

File:Poinsettia pant 784.jpg

Source     Like this pink beauty with variegated leaves.

winter blush poinsettia picture

 Source   Winter Blush

poinsettia pictures from paul ecke poinsettia ranch   Source Winter Roses. This is my least favorite. It looks old and shriveled up to me and nothing like a rose!

  Source What a stunner! Strawberries and Cream.

 Source  Symphony of Freedom.

Ice Punch. This is a stunner too!

Here’s Orange Spice. Can you see this at Halloween through Christmas?

orange poinsettias

Source How about a Poinsettia in topiary form?

So, what’s your opinion of this Christmas icon? Like it or leave it?

I never keep my poinsettias and try to get them to bloom again. When they start dropping leaves and looking straggly which they inevitably do, out they go. I do appreciate their pop of color at Christmas though. They always heighten my Christmas spirit.

Did you know that poinsettias are not poisonous as once thought…….I read that somewhere recently.

*I finally found my white poinsettia and will post pictures soon. I have the perfect spot for it!

Debbie (((xx)))


  1. Jojo says:

    My son was stationed in Sumter, South Carolina and while he was there I learned the history of the Poinsettia in the U.S. Thought you might find it interesting

  2. Linda @ A La Carte says:

    I love poinsettia but don't have one at home because of my cat. Now I will have to check that out…if they aren't dangerous I will get one for sure.

  3. Patti's Peach Basket says:

    You can save your poinsettia and plant it in your yard and grow it like a shrub. Cut the colored leaves off, keep it watered and fertilized and in the spring, plant it outside. Last summer, I had impatiens mixed in with a poinsettia in my backyard and it was beautiful.

  4. Andrea says:

    I had no idea there were so many varieties! You're right about it not being poisonous. I am a vet, and every year we get paniced phone calls when a pet eats a pointsetta. Worst they get is an upset tummy. Did you know that flower isn't the coloured portion? They are actually still leaves, and the actual flower is the very small central area.

  5. Vee says:

    I like them! That ice punch one would really brighten my corner, but I've not seen anything that amazing here. Funny thing about saving poinsettias…I've got last year's and am having trouble binning it because my mother gave it to me. Yes, it's just limping along.

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