The Secretary Desk, unveiled at last.


Here’s how she started out, but just look at her now!

Here she is at last and looking so pretty! Iā€™m extremely happy with the result.65 After I got this piece, my first thought was to just go over the original finish, which you can see in the previous post. But then I was inspired by these white lovelies!

You can read the saga of this piece here and how I learned a lesson I will never forget! Don’t leave your projects outside even if you think they’re protected from the elements.

In the above picture, lower right side, there is still some rippling of the veneer, but it’s not rippled veneer, it’s  character! Sort of like wrinkles.
Shopping at home to find accessories for the shelves was fun. All this STUFF I already had.
These red beauties are some of the last blooms from our double knock out rose. 
The interior back is painted the same color as the living room walls, Whole Wheat by Sherwin Williams. The dining room wall color is similar to Antique White which is on the same color strip. The desk sits between the living and dining rooms.
I was considering painting the interior back red, but I think I like it like this. I may some day cover it with scrap book paper or change the color. But for now it stays like this.

The original drawer pulls were wooden and I replaced them with these I found  in my stash. They were taken from an old dresser and I think they look better than the wooden ones.

To finish up, I gave the whole desk a good coat of Butcher’s wax. I used this before after seeing it on Martha Stewart. It protects the wood and gives some depth to the finish but it smells, so if you use it, open the windows!

Project complete….it only took 8 or 9 months. The chair is my next project… long will that take……

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67 thoughts on “The Secretary Desk, unveiled at last.

  1. I'm having "comment troubles". Hope this doesn't show up twice. That is absolutely gorgeous! Your hard work really paid off. Now I want to paint something white. You've also accessorized it beautifully. laurie

  2. Beautiful!!
    I love the decorating in the black and white theme. It turned out so nice!!

  3. Debra,
    It is gorgeous! I love it white! And I also love the interior paint!
    Be sure to read my friday post" parties, peg pincushions…." I know you will relate.

  4. It turned out beautifully, Debra! You did a great job! I love your accessories for it and the detail on the glass doors.

  5. What a great makeover. It looks sensational
    Rippled veneer definitely adds character – just as you said wrinkles do to faces!!LOL

  6. Hi Mom. I absolutely love this. It looks great. I also see a pic of me and Tay. Lol!This would make a great house warming gift! šŸ™‚

  7. Debra!! It's beautiful, now I want to paint something else white. You did a great job, it looks fabulous, wrinkles and all. So glad you saved it & didn't give up. Love, love it!

  8. Oh I am in love! It turned out just beautiful and the little place on your wall looks like it was made for the secretary. Perfect.

  9. Debra–it came out gorgeous even if there are ripples. I love the contrast of the plates–those are gorgeous too.

    Thanks for posting this. Now you need to make a coordinating tassel to go on it.


  10. What a fantastic makeover. I wish I had a piece like that to redo; and a room to do it in; and that I didn't work so I had the time to do it. Ahhhh! I must live vicariously through the lives of other bloggers!

    PS — Don't paint the back. The scrapbooking paper is a much better idea.

  11. Wow! I have been keeping up with this process and the finished product is Fabulous!!! You did a great job and yes, I think "she" has earned her character lines šŸ™‚ Love the way you have accessorized and replaced the pulls!

  12. Fabulous! Fabulous!
    The black and white shnick-shnacks really make it work!

  13. You must smile every time you walk by that piece. It is gorgeous and you should be so proud that you got it done despite bumps in the road. It has such beautiful curvy lines and I love the drop pulls. Kudos on a great job!

  14. Hi Debra~
    What a beautiful creation you accomplished!

    (If you decide you would like to change out the back, just cut some foam core board to size and paint it red or wallpaper or whatever.
    Red would be fun for the holidays.
    I did get very tired of red when I had it in the back of my bookcases. But you might not tire of like I did.)

    Another wonderful makeover!

  15. It looks wonderful! I'm so glad you didn't scrap it after the element damage! It looks made for that spot! great job and I love how you accesorized it too!

  16. That is AMAZING!! I just saw the "before", and I never would have guessed that it could have turned out so nice. But WOW! I'm continually amazed at the drastic difference a coat of white paint makes on a piece of furniture. It really looks like something you paid a small fortune for.

    Thanks for linking to my Progress Report Monday!

  17. It looks amazing! I love the black and white plates you have in it and the chair just makes it pop!

  18. Beautiful job and wonderful black and white accessories. The glimpse of your living room was not enough! Please show us some pictures of that room.

  19. Just came here from your link on Addicted 2 Decorating. Love your blog and this piece of furniture is beautiful! You did a great job. Glad I found your link. I'll be checking back.

  20. STUNNING! Absolutely Stunning! I have a piece very similar to this and I keep saying I want to paint it and my girlfriend keeps saying NO!

    What does she know anyway? Right? This piece is so beautiful!

    Lou Cinda šŸ™‚

  21. Wow! Just perfectly lovely and a labor of love..
    Every time you go pass your desk you should smile and say to yourself, "I did that" and it looks "Beautiful".
    Enjoy your day and keep creating,

  22. Debra,

    This was worth the wait…it is stunning….I love all the accessories and it's as if that spot where you placed it was made for it !!!

    What does hubby think now ??? lol

    Kathy šŸ™‚

  23. You did an AMAZING job!! I love the new drawer pulls too. I gave up a piece like this and now I wish I had kept it!

  24. Debra~Looks outstanding…great job you did here!
    I just looove the black and white look you have with all the little goodies…hope you have a great day!


  25. What a lovely piece! It add so much to your space! I'll have to read back to see the before! Thanks for sharing…. Dee Dee

  26. Love this! It turned out so pretty…I don't think you need to add anything to the back. Looks great with all of your accessories. The chair looks good, too, even though you want to redo it.
    Great piece!


  27. It is gorgeous–wrinkles and all. Just like all of us!! It looks like it was made for that space.

  28. It turned out fabulous!!! You did a terrific job. You should be proud! Love the knobs. And I wouldn't paint the inside, I'd leave as is and use scrapbook paper instead if you want a change of color. That way you can change it out with the seasons or whenever you get a whim.

  29. Oh, this secretary turned our more than gorgeous! I love it! I really like how you've dressed it. Your black and white objects really make your piece pop! I know you're proud of it.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia šŸ™‚

  30. It is beautiful and even though it took so long- it goes to say- beauty comes to those who wait and that is gorgeous.


  31. I think it turned out great! Did you use a canned spray paint on it or something else?

  32. What a gorgeous piece… who would have thought from your previous posts. I have one here, that I have been thinking about painting.

  33. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I have been on the hunt for a piece to redo just like this! Great job!

  34. That desk is to die for! It's so beautiful!!! And you've done such a lovely job decorating it… just gorgeous!

  35. Debra,
    I'm so impressed with the results, and your patience!

    I just read your posts about this project, and have to say that you are one creative, talented, and determined lady!

    Love your sense of style and your taste!

    Thanks so much for linking to 2nd Time Around!!

  36. Hi sweet friend! Life is gradually getting back to "normal" for me so I'm hoping to be able to visit everyone more often.

    You go girl! Great job. It really looks wonderful.


  37. It looks amazing – I love the honesty of it taking so long. Many times, in the blog world, it seems that others do it so fast.

  38. It looks WONDERFUL! I had seen a couple of your inspiration photos elsewhere online, and I thought it looked like a lot of work but would be totally worth it. I'm so glad you tried it! It helps that you certainly have a gift for styling, too. Your accessories are GORGEOUS!

  39. I'm late getting here, Debra! I absolutely love the makeover and the way you've photographed it. Now, even though we have two secretaries, I will be looking here and there for another one.


  40. Oh my…this is just gorgeous! I LOVE IT! It looks so fresh and clean…you gave it new life ~ a fantastic new life!

  41. I was clueless about blogging in 2009 so this is new to me but I'm drooling over this piece!!
    So beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous – I want it!!!

  42. I love this secretary desk! I've been wanting one for awhile (although hubby already has a huge desk he can't part with), since they are so space saving (and hide all the papers). I have a teapot/teacup collection that would look great in it just like yours !!

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