A Chandelier Epic, Part 2



The chandelier is finished now and looks great, but it has a crazy story of how it got that way, here goes……Warning, Long story.

My husband didn’t want me to paint it. The conversation went something like this,
Me, I’m going to paint the chandelier in the dining room.
Him, Huh?

Me, I’m going to paint the chandelier…
Him, Oh NO you’re not! I let you do what ever you want but I don’t want you to paint that!
He lets me, get that, he lets me, I didn’t like that!

You’ll ruin it!
No I won’t, you know that you always like my projects after they’re finished.

Ok, you get the picture. I left it at that for a few weeks before I mentioned it again.

As soon as I find the paint I’m looking for, I’m going to paint the chandelier.
I told you I didn’t want you to paint it!
But I don’t like the look of brass anymore, it’s so outdated! And I just painted the dining room and want a new look.
Shaking his head...You’re going to ruin it…….

At this point, he just let out a big sigh and I knew he was caving in.

Along came the perfect opportunity to git her done..….His daughter and her family went to the shore for 3 weeks and invited us down for a few days. We couldn’t figure out a time we both could go, because of Bible school and previous plans, so I told him to go alone. Yes!

As soon as he left on Thursday afternoon, you know I started right in……the project went along without a hitch,

until I decided to paint the ceiling to get rid of the sky that I painted around the chandelier and never actually finished.

I couldn’t find the ceiling paint……I always keep track of what paints I’ve used…….apparently not…… hmmmm…… I needed a color match and I can’t just cut out a chunk of the ceiling….yes I can, under the light fixture in the hallway. I thought about the inside of the closet but then remembered that I had painted the dining room, living room and hall ceiling.
It was not fun, not at all, getting that fixture back up after I cut out the paint chip I needed. It wouldn’t cooperate….sweat was dripping ….ugh!

Ok, off to Lowe’s for a color match. They couldn’t do it because their computer wouldn’t pick up a color that light…..what……..and told me to pick a color from a color strip!!!! I could cry about now! That won’t work! Have you ever tried that? It’s almost impossible!

But we tried…..and I remembered that there was a slight pink hue in my paint…..knowing that was helpful, so I settled on a color and got it mixed….. the paint matched their color sample but not my piece chiseled from the ceiling. The paint guy called in the head honcho and somehow they got a good match! I knew that it wouldn’t be perfect but was hoping it would be good enough, because I didn’t want to paint the whole ceiling. Remember I don’t have too much time before husband comes home.

I had primered the ceiling the night before (because, the sky had some glossy areas and I was afraid it would show through) so I was ready to paint.
One coat all done and it didn’t look too bad. Another coat on Saturday morning and it actually looks great.

Anyway, I told you this was a long story……..

He left on Thursday afternoon and arrived home Saturday about noon. Earlier that morning I had to take my Dad on errands and was praying that I’d get home before Bill to clean everything up. I did, I cleaned up little paint splatters and rushed like a mad woman to get the place all cleaned up like nothing had ever changed. Phew…..and guess what…..he never noticed it! NO he didn’t! It’s been almost 6 days now and he hasn’t said a word. I even left the ladder on the patio because it was raining and I didn’t feel like getting soaked running it out to the shed. He asked about the ladder and I lied and said I was using it for something. (using it for something????) And I lied about the paint roller tray in the garage sink that I had soaking.

Can you believe it? Oh what a man! How many days will go by before he notices?

I’ll let you know.

21 thoughts on “A Chandelier Epic, Part 2

  1. Great story, I would never be so lucky that my husband would not notice, he sees everything, but doesn't waste his breath saying anything about it. He knows I would just say I told you it would look good.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this story! I would have done exactly the same thing. Next time you want to add a litle paint…tell him you could spend $500 on a new chandelier. 🙂 You'll have to let us know when he sees it.

  3. My hubby doesn't always notice things right away either, and I don't bring it to his attention. He, on the other hand, {as he did last night} will say, "Look what I did today", and likes to show it off, especially if he did something clever {which I have to admit his latest project definitely was}!

    I did have a similar situation to yours when I had painted our master bedroom and wound up hating it. I had to wait until he went away on a business trip to repaint it its current color.

  4. Great story — we need to paint our brass chandelier too — am going to show Hub how lovely yours looks now!

    Have a fun weekend.


  5. Oh my…that is so funny that he hasn't even noticed!

    It looks terrific, especially with the new wall color. I painted a brass light fixture black and it looked terrific too! Easy to do – I guess maybe with men it is like painting wood!

  6. It looks so much better. Now, I have to do the same thing with mine except the glass shades on mine are tinted an awful gold color. I'll figure something out.

  7. Oh man, what a funny story…sounds like it could've happened at MY house! I usually wait until my husband goes away on a trip to do any MAJOR projects. I've decided I CAN'T live with the boring white walls of this place where we lease…finally decided life is too short, paint WILL make me happier and more content to live here so I'm GOING FOR IT…just like you painting your chandelier!!!! LOL Love how it turned out!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    ~Michelle 🙂

  8. My husband doesn't notice anything unless I point it out. I painted a mural on the bathroom wall next to the mirror and he didn't notice it until my daughter commented on it in front of him. That was about a week later.

  9. I loved your story! Men! 🙂 I love your chandelier! It looks great!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  10. Your chandelier looks great! What type of paint did you use so I can paint mine?

  11. It looks fabulous.
    You could always just say you bought a new chandelier for hundreds of dollars~ that looks very similar to the one he loved. He'll be thrilled to know you painted it.

  12. Men!!! Gotta Luv Em!! It looks great. You did a wonderful job. Connie

  13. Well, I'm assuming he doesn't read your blog! Of course not. What husband (mine included) wants to read the decorating goings-on and wishful thinking of his wife, I ask you? This was the best story! I laughed and laughed. Why is it that we have to repeat things? I know they can't ALL be hard of hearing.

  14. Great story! Still hasn't noticed? omg! Too Funny! B-U-T-full chandelier! Good job!

  15. I can't believe he has noticed!!! It looks so great! I've had problems getting things color matched at Home Depot. Apparently it's not as easy as all the magazines and shows would have you believe! They also told me to look at the paint strips!


  16. Debra
    Your so my kind of girl you little stinker you! I had this fairly large expensive painting on the living room for like a year before I finally had to burst out and ask if he was so clueless! I mean you had to be blind to miss it! But that was years ago! Now he thinks I have new stuff here and there, go figure??? Came out very cute! Keep us posted if he catches on! Lori

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