~Almost finished with the island Redo~

Slackin off with my blog postings….

but I’ve been busy, working on the island project along with running errands with Dad, Dr. appts, taxes and car inspection among other things. I thought I’d show you the kitchen as it was when we moved in. This is the original kitchen with laminate counter tops and a white sink that I ABSOLUTELY hated because you could not keep it clean! So much steam came from the dishwasher that the underside of the counter started to break off in tiny pieces. The counter top on the island was Corian, a white color, I think it was called bisque and while I liked the Corian it just felt cold to me…..all that white.

There was a white pull out sprayer- faucet that never did work right and the cabinet knobs were brass which I sprayed with car primer then sprayed black.

In 2007 we got granite counter tops, a new silgranite sink, Price Pfister faucet and a Bosch dishwasher.

I wasn’t sure I would like the configuration of the sink with one side being so small but I love It and the faucet! It’s a really deep sink and you can pile up lots of dishes before it starts to look messy….gotta love that! The disposal is on the smaller side, which works out well. The color is anthracite,(black) and it’s so easy to keep clean with Rock Doctor cleaner and polish which I use on the granite counters.

I wish I could remember the name of the granite, but there are so many different ones that are similar. Mine has a just a tiny bit of gold in it. I tend to like the ones that have more movement in them.

My dream kitchen would have tons more storage but, that’s the kitchen and the changes it’s seen.
I’ll be revealing the island redo soon. It looks so much better now and I’m amazed that I did most of it myself…with a little help from power tools and Bill….just a little. It turned out even better than I dreamed it would!

25 thoughts on “~Almost finished with the island Redo~

  1. Debra, your kitchen is gorgeous! I love your granite. We have Corian..which I do like but now I sure wish we would have gone with the granite. Working on my husband!!

  2. Debra, your granite looks just like mine, and I have New Venetian Gold. The transformation is beautiful!!

  3. i definitely love all your changes! that counter top, sink and faucet are gorgeous!

  4. Hey Debra; Your kitchen is just beautiful, I love everything you did. Now I really can’t wait to see your island redo. You did a wonderful job.


  5. Debra, I have ALWAYS loved your kitchen. I remembering first seeing just little “peeks” of it on GI many moons ago! I’m so happy you shared it with us! I LOVE IT ALL! And I can’t wait to see your island redo! 🙂

  6. Your changes really make it look cozy! I love your sink and faucet. I desperately need a new sink and would love to have one under counter like that! Did you have much trouble with the shape of your sink when putting it in? My husband seems to think we have to get one “exactly” (shape wise) like what we have now! Just curious!

  7. Debra, this is so timely for me since I'm getting granite soon! And posted all my granite dilemmas last week. I've decided on one very similar to yours & I think I'll love it AND I'm getting one of those sinks too, can't wait. I'm so happy to see the black sink with your white cabs. Someone told me they didn't think I'd like the mix, but I love it just fine! I'm going to do a brushed nickel faucet. Your kitchen looks great! Can't wait to see the island.

  8. Wow! Fabulous kitchen redo, Kim. It looks great, you should be so please with yourself. Can’t wait for a better look at the island.

  9. Debra, I love what you did with the kitchen. I can’t wait to see your island 🙂

    All the best,
    Kathy 🙂

  10. Your kitchen is beautiful! The granite and faucet are just perfect. Can’t wait to see the island. Linda

  11. Hey Debra! Love your kitchen countertops and sink. I wish I had gone with granite a few years ago but I didn’t want to spend the money (believe it or not, hubby did)! So I see that coming down the road, just not right now.


  12. Debra! It is glorious! I am waiting and dreaming of the day I can rid lkyself of my laminate and get what you have. I love your choice! It all looks so beautiful and warm. I know you are over the moon about the changes! I would be! : )


  13. This looks beautiful! Love your granite and that faucet is like a piece of art. I love that beautiful piece of ironwork over your range. laurie

  14. Debra,

    I love it!! Great job; it looks so designer!

    Come visit me at my new blog! I miss you 🙁

    Vanessa (formerly Lawsy Mercy)

  15. Debra your kitchen is so beautiful! I wish I had thought of that kind of sink, when we were planning ours.

  16. Hi Debra,

    I love your kitchen. I know what you mean about granite, when we picked out ours we were going bug eyed from all the choices. I went with one that looks almost black and it has blue specks in it in a certain light. Everything looks great!

  17. Boy I sure do love the warm honey tones that you have chosen, it’s just so gorgeous, yet comfortable, too. Beautiful!

  18. I am so impressed with your skills!! What a wonderful job, your kitchen looks beautiful!

  19. Oh I am just amazed! What a great job you have done. I love the island painted red to. It really makes the white tureens pop!


  20. It reallyl really looks great – looks like a totally new kitchen with the granite! great job!!!

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