~It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like~

A white turkey day! Look at the beauty we awoke to this morning. This is our backyard covered in fluffy snow.
I love how the trees look coated in snow. I couldn’t quite grasp the holiday spirit the day after Halloween that all the stores were pushing, but this should help to bring on the spirit.With Thanksgiving coming quickly, I know I’ll be cooking the same tried & true favorites. Here’s our menu,
roast turkey with gravy
warm rolls
Cole slaw, which is wonderful on leftover turkey sandwiches!
cranberry sauce, must be canned, isn’t that sad?
Pa dutch style potato filling
glazed sweet potatoes
baked corn casserole
green vegetable, probably broccoli
deviled eggs

two different desserts
There you have it, I planned this menu carefully, keeping the carbs to a minimum………of about a million.
Giving Thanks

What’s on your menu? Do you ever try new dishes or does your family demand tradition? Whenever I try to deviate from the menu I hear grumbling, how about you? You will find more Thanksgiving ideas over at There is No Place Like Home.

My H is home from the hospital now & he keeps me hopping! He’s got so many pills to keep track of, plus an ice machine that keeps his knee iced, a machine the bends his knee, a cane, a walker & a thing that looks like a dog leash that helps him move his leg around. But, I do have to say, he’s in extremely good spirits and that helps me so much. I was expecting him to be a bear!

17 thoughts on “~It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like~

  1. We like the same menu year afetr year too. Like you, if someone deviates, there is negutive feedback.

    That snow! OH! How lovely! That will certinaly get you in the spirit.

  2. You snow is absolutely beautiful. It’s very cold here – 27 this morning.

    Our menu stays very much the same each year. We like it that way.

  3. ohhh….I’m so jealous of the snow! It’s so beautiful. Here in south Texas we get snow approximately every 12 years! LOL–that’s not NEAR ENOUGH for me! I can’t get enough of it.

    Our T-Day dinner usually is pretty much the same with sometimes a few newbies thrown in. If something old is missing for the menu, it’s always missed!

  4. Thanks for visiting me at the farm. I think I will try making one of your paper bag turkeys to serve my “Blessing Mix” in. How cute!
    Thanksgiving Blessings,

  5. Your pictures are beautiful. It has been very cold here, but no snow so far.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


  6. Hi Debra ~ what beautiful pictures. I can’t wait for the first snow here…all we’ve had is snowflakes here and there!

    So glad hubby is feeling better…waiting on men is the pits!!!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!


  7. Oh how gorgeous! It’s VERY chilly and windy here, but no snow, of course. Just having it chilly makes me want to start my decorating for Christmas. I can’t though. No extra time right now. We’ve just returned from our Marco Island trip, so I’m spending time in-between laundry to play “catch up” yet again with my blog reading. I sure enjoyed seeing all the cute outfits for Miss Mia…so adorable.


  8. Dont feel badly I can’t change the menu either , esp for Christmas dinner wow you would think I was the Grinch that stole Christmas !!LOL
    Sweet pictures we have a lot of snow here too.

  9. Ooooo, just look at that pretty white snow! I'll be cooking at our house this year, so I have to get my menu figured out. 2 of the kiddos will be here, as well as P's mom & Grandma. I'm going to try to figure out something really fun for my table too! I'm inspired!

  10. I was singing all the way over to your blog! “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” I saw your post on my GoogleReader. Of course, this doesn’t surprise me since I was watching the awesome Super Bowl Bound Penn Staters defeat Michigan State! Woo woo! The snow was falling!

    Here in California, it has been warm and ablaze with fires until this weekend. It cooled down yesterday (finally) and we have chances of rain (much needed) throughout this next week. Yea fall!

    My mom keeps the same menu every year, too. The only item that has been added are my Vienamese sis-law’s eggrolls. Delish! We don’t mind mixing cultures.

    We are packing this week for a move from La Habra to La Habra. Much to do, that’s for sure!

    Oh happy day!

  11. We had snow here this morning but it was all gone by the afternoon. Wishing your H a speedy recovery.

  12. My family is not very adventuresome when it comes to food. I’ll be preparing family favorites. I have found that Thanksgiving is NOT the time to try new things…at least not in MY family. Makes things rather easy, so I’m not complaining.

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