~ Valentine’s Day Table~

Love is in the air & all around.
I like to decorate my dining room table for the seasons & holidays. For Valentine’s day I gathered up things I thought fitting and started playing around with their arrangement.

I began by layering a collection of vintage doilies and then scrunching them up. Now I realize that everyone doesn’t like the scrunched look but I like how you can see the edges of the doilies better that way. The flowers are carnations and I can’t believe how long they are lasting. They are in a glass in a shabby style ribboned urn.
The birdies that I won at Maureen’s giveaway , (Penchants, Ponderings & Posies) are dressed with Valentine’s ribbons. I even pulled out some old Valentine cards from my dear H & placed them in the mix.
Candy corn for Valentine’s day is in a heart shaped dish. I know lots of bloggers who love candy corn. You can see the pretty edges of the doilies and some hearts strewn here & there.
The key to my heart rests in another heart shaped dish on a bed of ribbon.
Other things I could have added are, champagne flutes, chocolate kisses, I LOVE U spelled out with Scrabble tiles and real roses. Maybe I’ll get them on the big day or maybe not….I’d really rather go out for a nice dinner.

How about you? How do you celebrate Valentine’s? I read a story about a young couple who couldn’t afford to spend money on expensive cards. They went to the store & picked out cards for each other, exchanged the cards right there in the store but never bought them, I thought ..oh how sweet. The price of some cards is ridiculous …maybe it should be called Happy Hallmark Day!

Young love is a flame; very pretty, often very hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. The love of the older and disciplined heart is as coals, deep-burning, unquenchable. -Henry Ward Beecher

43 thoughts on “~ Valentine’s Day Table~

  1. Your table is beautiful. I really like your blog. I’ll drop back by! xoRachel

  2. Hi Debra,
    Your table looks fabulous!!!
    Love the little birds.
    We don’t usually go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day.(So busy) We usually go out that weekend. I usually make a romantic dinner at home on that day.
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. I love your table! It’s very romantic. I’ve been trying to find the cany corn and haven’t had any luck.

  4. Debra, Your table is absolutely beautiful! I’m not married to the most romantic man in the entire world…as a matter of fact, he told me when we were dating he thought cards, flowers & candy were stupid (nice, huh?!) so those things are even more meaningful when he does give me any of that stuff! But he’s very spontaneous and will do thoughtful little things throughout the year, not just for the “typical” holidays – birthdays, anniversaries, etc. He has a way of making each day special 🙂

  5. OH my gosh…I just love how you’ve used the birds. They look great, as does your entire table! I love that you added bows to them!I love Valentine’s Day!

  6. Hello Deborah,

    I am also a Deborah. I am from NJ. First time visiting your blog. I love bunnies too, we have a live one! We actually had 2, one passed away last June. Love your table. I’ll be back!

  7. I love it! Pretty tables always gets my attention, and yours is gorgeous…

    Have a romantic and happy Valentine Day!


  8. Your table is absolutely beautiful!!! I love everything about it…including the scrunched doilies.

  9. Your table is so pretty..I wouldn’t change a thing! I love the birdies you won.


  10. Your table is so pretty. I have put out somethings in the living area where we see it more.
    My husband and I always share alittle something and go out to eat. I will buy and spend time with the kids and grandkids. This year We are going out on Friday.. My husband and I are taking my clients husband and wife with us. We are also taking an ex client that was his brothers widow. I can’t wait to be out on the town with the three sweet older people.That will be Valetines on it’s on.

  11. Oh, Debra, I love your table! You’ve gone to a lot of effort to have it looking all pretty for Valentines. I don’t do anything like that. I usually get flowers from my hubby, so those go out somewhere. We don’t do a lot for it, but you know I’m making him that cake this year!

    It’s gorgeous!
    P.S. Lucky you to win those birdies!

  12. Hi Debra!
    Oh the colors of Valentine’s Day are so pretty and so is your table.

    Have a great weekend. If you haven’t seen the One World One Heart GiveAway event yet, come on by and sign up on my site and follow the link to a couple hundred more GiveAways!

  13. Your Valentines Day setting is beautifully created with lots of thoughtful little features.

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Loved looking at your Valentine decorations!
    I’ve just never decorated for V day much.
    That is a sweet story about the young couple!

    Have a great evening!

  15. Hi Debra, I think your table looks just beautiful…I love the darling little birds.

    This year we are going to a favorite restaurant for dinner, but I do enjoy fixing a yummy dinner on this special day. Linda

  16. honeyI love your beautifully decorated valentine table. It so inspires me,to gether up my red pretties and do a table.
    Thank you, Debra

  17. Debra,I haven’t a clue as to how the “honey” I love,started my first sentence to you.
    Only thing that I can figure is that it took me about five tries to post my comment, and it being from bs honey, someway or another my computer got the “honey” and replaced it to the beginning of my first sentence.
    Sorry about that. lol
    Now, if I can just get this comment to go through without the extra honey.

  18. Your table looks great! I love the story about the couple too! Hop on over to my blog…I’m having a Valentines giveaway! Take care! Jackie

  19. Debrak, beautiful table, and Richard and I celebrate this year in Gatlinburg at a Christian Marriage Retreat “I can’t wait” it is a free retreat, we have to pay for food and lodging….we are both so excited…couples from everywhere and different ages attend. I think some couples come back every year! This is our first year! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine Day!!! Not far away from April 1St…so excited for you…I am sooo loving my new job

  20. Aaaaah, how lovely!!! My heart is pitter pattering! Really, DebraK, this is so inviting and romantic! A job well done!


  21. Lovely table, DebraK. When I read the story of the couple in the card store I thought of a local radio station where the DJ mentioned that if couples are dating for 6 mos. or more they should expect to spend $300 on their Valentine. Wow! Don’t you think that’s a bit steep? I do!!

  22. Such a beautiful table, Debra! You did make it lovely.
    I will post about my SPECIAL VALENTINE this week…..
    hugs, bj

  23. I just found your blog. The table setting is so pretty, you have a knack for putting things together well.

  24. I love your table! Right now mine is covered with shower gifts. I cannot wait to get my home back!

  25. The key to your heart is a great idea. Your table looks great with the birds all adorned. We will have dinner at home this year. We will celebrate on Wednesday since we have another obligation on Thursday.
    I posted about a sweetheart burger. Nothing fancy. I will most likely do that or steaks with heart shaped potato chips.

  26. Your tablesetting is beautiful, red and white together is so classic. One major passion of mine is designing beautiful tables. I have just started blogging I would love you to come by and visit. Judy

  27. Came over from TCB–congrats on being featured! It looks like you LIVE in some great indoor/outdoor home furnishings store! Lovely :)!

  28. Debra
    What a great site you have. I am just zooming around in blog land and found your site. I really like it. I have only been blogging since this last December. It’s taken awhile, but I am finally getting visitors.


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