~Trying to get the "Holiday Spirit"~

After work yesterday, me & two friends went for tea in Hummelstown & of course had to visit one of our favorite stores, Rhoads. I posted before about all the eye candy there & we were not disappointed this visit either.( I wanted to take some pics in the tea shop but it was small & crowded.)

These were fat bellied bears! really cute.

It’s so hard to get a good picture of a lite tree, but this was gorgeous in person. I’m hoping that these beautiful pictures will get me in the mood to decorate. Then we stopped at The Olde Factory, an antique mall.
This tureen was huge & only around 9 $. No, I didn’t but it….sigh

A cute way to display old skates.
That was it for our little outing, a short but relaxing time with friends.

Thank you ALL for your comments & compliments on my new hairdo. It’s working out great, almost wash & wear! I’m lovin it.

The pajama post was fun! I loved hearing how many of you love your pj’s……there were a few who like nightgowns but most like pj’s best. Thanks to Theresa, Livinthelife, I’m now calling them my “housepants.”

A BIG thank you to T*mmy from My Gentle Retreat for awarding me this. She also tagged me with 6 facts or habits about myself.

I love coffee with cream.

Bullwinkle is my favorite cartoon. I love Rocky, Little Nell, the Mountie, Fractured fairy tales.

I have about 20 pairs of cheap reading glasses that Ican never find.

When I see something beautiful in nature I am inspired to thank God for all my blessings.

I love Thanksgiving dinner.

My sweet tooth is totally out of control. If I see cake, pie, cookies, I’ll eat it!


Question????? Sometimes I’ll get an email from the blogger where I left a comment. How do you do that? When I click on the name of a commenter on my blog, their profile page pops up & you can send them email from there. Is there a way to get directly to an email that says, Re: [blog name] new comment on …..

Have a good day & a great weekend!

23 thoughts on “~Trying to get the "Holiday Spirit"~

  1. I was so surprised by your pictures of the trees! I wa at a large collectables shop near me and the trees were almost all in natural colors! Very, very few in red and green and nothing else! Now me likeing the pinks, whites and such it was really blah. Guess I can’t imagine a tree in browns and rust to joyous!!! Lori

  2. Oh, I loved taking this little “trip” with you and your friends. Looks like such interesting places to shop!
    Oh and when you go to the profile page of the blogger, scroll down …most of the time their site is listed there to click on…

  3. Lovely pictures…..that looked like a fun time out.

    On your question, it may be a “host” thing. When WordPress notifies me that I have a comment, it always includes not only the commenter’s URL but their email address,too…..then all I have to do is reply. I don’t know how it works….but I like it 🙂

  4. I love this shop and I love the antique place, too! I would not have been able to resist the tureen!!

    I missed the PJ post!! I love my PJ’s. I don’t remember just when I changed over from gowns, but now I would not have anything but PJ’s.


  5. What a fun outing! I know I would have been right at home with you girls. I’m really trying to conjure up some energy to think about decorating in just 2 short weeks too. Don’t wanna go in the attic….wahhhhh, but I’ll have to.

    you & I have the same problem it seems….the neverending sweet tooth!


  6. What a fun time you and your friends had. Love the Fat Bellied Bears.Thanks for sharing all that lovely christmas decor and the goodies from the Antique mall.

  7. The Rhoads Pharmacy and Gift Shop looks like one of those little shops you see on tabletop Christmas displays…that alone should get you in the Christmas spirit…lol…all the things you posted are lovely!

    Thanks so much for doing the meme…you are well deserving of the award.

    As far as the email goes…go into your blog settings to comments and mark it that you want comments sent to your email address…when it gets there and the blogger has their email address open (available in their profile) then you can reply…that is what I do…I really enjoy it! If you need any more details just email me, I’ll be glad to help!

    Have a great day!

  8. Oh go back and get that tureen for me! 🙂 I collect them and that’s such a super price. That looked like a fun shopping trip!


  9. What a great shop. Love the tree!!
    I don’t know about the email thing, let me know if you find out.
    Have a great weekend,

  10. Oh…you are putting us so in the mood for Christmas! Sounds like the perfect dayJ!

    Have a very blessed day!
    smiles, kari and kijsa

  11. you cn set your blog to send posts to your email…some do not have an addy tho and you have to go to their profile and see if they list one…if not i just return the comment on their blog…love the shop…love the pj idea…blessings, rebecca

  12. Congrats on the friendly tag/award, well deserved as this is such a lovely blog. Really like it when you take us all window shopping to see all the little treasures.

  13. What a fun outing! I loved seeing the photos. I can not believe Christmas is coming up so fast! I’ll start my decorating right after Thanksgiving.

    I loved reading your meme…I did mine earlier today.


  14. Take me with you!! How far can this place be from me?? That banister is absolutely gorgeous. I love it.


  15. Hummelstown looks delightful and your wonderful pictures certainly put me in the holiday spirit. I want to shop at Rhoads!!!

  16. I love to visit your blog it is beautiful and I feel like we have so much in common, we like the same things, yard sales, auctions, vintage items, and I admire your taste in things……..I hope you have a great weekend

  17. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the pretties! I love going in little shoppes this time of year to get ideas!

  18. Rhoads looks like a fun place to shop. Congrats on your well deserved award, DebraK. Have a good weekend.

  19. What a fun place this look like to shop! I wish I knew more places like that to window shop around Cincy. I decided to realy decorate for Christmas this year. It’ll be fun!

  20. Happy Sunday!!! I love your new look on the blog (your haircut too) just had to post again after i saw the new theme…have a blessed day.

  21. What an expedition! It looks like you had a lovely time.

    re your question: If you get your comments emailed to you by Blogger then there isn’t any way of knowing a person’s email address to reply. This works for sites like Typepad and WordPress because each user must supply an email address to leave a comment. Hope this helps.

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