~ Around town~ Memorial Day

We started out heading west to a huge flea market but the sky in that direction kept getting darker and darker, probably rain, so we turned around and changed plans.

Here’s a shot of Chocolate Ave in Hershey PA. I travel this road everyday. Later we took my mostly sweet MIL on a drive to the National Cemetary at Fort Indiantown Gap. It was so moving to see hundreds of flags blowing in the breeze.

Thousands of motorcyclists came to honor veterans.
A beautiful war memorial.

You can’t tell from the pix but it was very crowded, so many people paying tribute to their loved ones.And lastly here is my dh and his 90 year old mom, enjoying some ice cream after a drive.

6 thoughts on “~ Around town~ Memorial Day

  1. Debra, What lovely photos you have on your blog this Memorial Day week-end. I so enjoyed them all. Thanks for sharing them. Glad you stopping by my bolg. How sweet of you to add the pink ribbon “For Amy” to yours. Would you be willing to give me your birthday? I’d like to add it next to your link on my blog. Only if you do not mind. Hope you have a great Memorial Day week end :-} ~Mary~

  2. Hi, Debra! Happy Memorial Day!

    Just checking in after our week at the beach. Love all your yardsale finds from last weekend. You did great! I love it all. And I got to scroll back & see your green harlequin bathroom. I don’t think I’ve seen it before..it’s gorgeous!


  3. Thanks so much for those beautiful photos 🙂

    and your MIL does not look 90!

    I’m hopin’ there is a parade here tomorrow…(Our Sunday Paper didn’t make it here so I can’t be sure)…I would love to go & honour the servicemen & servicewomen of our country…

  4. What a wonderful tribute to Memorial Day in your town! Thank you for sharing all the very touching pictures with us. And I simply CANNOT BELIEVE your MIL is 90 yrs old!!! She looks fantastic and so does your dh! God bless you all!

  5. You have a great looking 90 year old MIL!!

    Looks like you had a very nice holiday!!

    Back Porch Musings

  6. Yes,my MIL looks great for her age! I will post more pix of her later. She is quite a glamour gal too.Her name is Catherine but we all call her Nan.

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